Family owned and operated since 1996, we are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality aftermarket truck parts.

What We Do

We manufacture and remanufacture aftermarket parts and accessories for heavy-duty trucks, tractors, trailers, buses and other commercial vehicles. Specializing in air brake and air suspension components, we also stock a wide range of other aftermarket truck parts. Building on decades of experience and pride in our uncompromising level of quality, our mandate is to manufacture first-class components that promote advanced safety technologies and keep operating costs low. Our commitment to you is that each component will meet or surpass the original manufacturer’s specifications. Safety on the road is our top priority.

North American Manufacturing

Our state-of-the-art remanufacturing facility builds components with the safety of drivers top of mind while keeping up with changing market trends. Our ownership group is onsite to oversee the production of our components and ensure that you’re getting the best. As all of our remanufactured valves and air dryers are made right here, in North America, we’re proud to support our local workforce as well as our local economy. We know that our components will travel far once they’re in use. But they don’t have to travel far to make it to you.

Quality Control

FleetSpec’s prices may be lower than what you’ll find through the OE manufacturer, but we guarantee that our quality is equal to or higher than theirs. Our inherent, ongoing commitment to safety has produced an exhaustive quality control process that includes cycle testing and comparative testing to OE components. All of our products must either meet or exceed OE specs; our technicians thoroughly test each and every component, including new and remanufactured components. We want you to be confident in our components’ quality, so we always offer warranties that match those of the original manufacturer. Let us exceed your expectations for quality, reliability and customer service.


We pride ourselves on having a vast selection of aftermarket truck parts, from air brake valves and anti-lock brake valves to air dryers and more. Our goal is to be first-to-market with new applications to aftermarket components, so we work hard to maintain and update our inventory.

This is FleetSpec’s great differentiator: when you need something, it’s available! We like to believe that no one does it better than us.