Gladhands & Air Accessories

We’re all about attention to detail. To keep your brake system working efficiently with minimal maintenance, it’s important that each component is the industry’s best. We carefully manufacture all of our glandhands and air accessories, down to the smallest parts, to ensure that each component is built to withstand regular wear and tear while working seamlessly with your existing system. Using our proactive safety measures, we rigorously test all of our components using stringent quality-control measures. Ultimately, you’re purchasing a high-performing, high-reliability accessory designed to give you some peace of mind.


Air brake gladhands connect your truck’s emergency and service air lines. All of our gladhands are made with high-quality aluminum construction. They are color coded so that you can easily distinguish between the service and emergency airlines. In addition to standard gladhands, we carry in-stock shut-off gladhands and swivel gladhands. We sell our gladhands complete with accompanying gladhand seals and pipe ports. We also offer separate gladhand seals if you need to replace yours. Our selection of gladhand seals are made from both polyurethane and rubber—both are made to last. We also manufacture gladhand grip extensions and grip handles.

Other Air Accessories

Our inventory is one of the largest in North America. We carry in-line quick release valves, hose support springs of different lengths, gladhand locks, hose separators, air hose clamps and more. All of our accessories are made with your safety and budget in mind. Best of all, ours come with a much more attractive price tag than the original manufacturer. To find out more about our aftermarket truck parts, get in touch.